Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who voiced their opposition to the proposed development at Motor & National that would have produced 2,000 new car trips daily, we were successful in stopping the project.  With the proposed Fox expansion at Motor & Pico, however, we will need to band together again to preserve our neighborhood from another traffic onslaught.  They want to double the number of parking spaces they are allowed under their existing permit from 4,500 now to 8,298 under the new plan.  They also want to change the exit gate on Avenue of the Stars so that it will be both an entrance and an exit, which obviously will have a huge impact on the residents there and also commuters trying to get in and out of Century City.  On Olympic, they want to change it to a full in-and-out gate with new right and left turn lanes at Olympic and Century Park West.  
Stay tuned for updates on how we can work together to preserve our quality of life!